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The one behind the camera..

I'm a 25 year old photographer from West Prince, PEI. Being from such a rural area I love being able to travel the world and get inspired by different architecture and culture.

I have always had a love for photography because of my dad, he always had a film camera around the house. Throughout high school and college I’ve grown my business and adapted my personal style into my photos.

While I love creating dark and moody magic, I aim to capture my couples as they are with depth to the images.


First and foremost, your session will be fun! If you're worried about being awkward in front of the camera, let me tell you right now: that's totally normal and I feel you. Majority of couples and even boudoir goddesses I've photographed thinks this exact same thing - but you're in good hands. In my 10 years of shooting I've collected all kinds of tips and tricks to help you feel calm, relaxed and authentic in front of my camera - we'll dance, run, jump, walk, sing, laugh, spin, the list goes on and on. So leave all the worrying to me and just show up to your shoot ready to have a blast. I'll take care of literally everything else!!

"Photographing for 10 years has taught me to be very laid back and go with the flow. That way, genuine moments will happen no matter what."





Driving from Yellowknife, NWT across every province except BC, NS or NFLD. I got to meet some amazing people along the way and photograph them.

OCT-NOV 2018

West coast / NFLD

Photographing the most beautiful elopement in Lark Harbour. It was a foggy day so we missed some of the mountains but the fog adding so much mood and you know I loved it!!


Paradise / NFLD

I got to be one the Team PEI coaches at the Atlantic Figure Skating Championships! We drove over and I got to jump on the ferry, which I actually love! The skaters did amazing, so proud of them!

MARCH 2023

Northern Ireland / UK

Had the best adventure across the water. We captured FOUR elopements near bushmills in NI. 10 amazing photographer came together and had such a great time!

May 2023


Figure Skating

When I’m not meeting with couples or out photographing you can find me on the ice! In the winter I coach figure skating 6 days a week at four different clubs over PEI, I’ve been skating for 22 years now and even though my body can’t do what it use to I love passing on my knowledge to others. I help all types of skaters from 3 years old to 20+!


Yes I dress up for fun! I've recently became a huge fan of Marvel (because of this guy in the photo). Now my favourite thing is to walk around town and seeing people's faces light up when they see their favourite characters walking by. Characters I have: Spider-Gwen, Scarlet Witch, Pirates of the Caribbean & Black Cat Symbiote. More to come soon!

Luna the Greyhound

I adopted this sweety in 2017 from Nova Scotia and she originally came from Alabama where she trained to race but since she is so timid she never got to race. A big misconception of Greyhounds are they need a lot of exercise but in reality they sleep 20 hours a day! No joke!